HYPE: Cleveland Postponed

The following announcement is from the Victory Leaders Band:

It is with great disappointment I must inform you that the decision has been made to postpone the first International Youth Rally in Cleveland, Tennessee. 

This decision is due to the unprecedented situation the world is currently facing regarding COVID-19. The Center of Disease Control (US Government) issued social distancing guidelines to slow the spread of the virus, of which guidelines now has been extended to April 30th.  This will also affect Youth Emphasis Week (April 26 – May 2).

I know it may interrupt any plans you had for this week of gathering and it is discouraging to hear. However, the Victory Leaders Band is strong, and with the help and grace of God we will come out even stronger. The time spent in social distancing should grow our anticipation for when the youth of the Church can come together for worship and instruction in righteousness. Until then, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus!  

For updates concerning the youth rallies, please visit www.vlb.church/hype. If you have any questions, please contact me at General Headquarters (423) 339-8264 x 325.